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How often do you listen to a recorded voice?

  • TV, film & radio commercials
  • Documentaries, animations, dramas
  • Promos, CDRoms, corporate videos
  • Training films, instore announcements
  • Safety briefings on planes & boats
  • Talking lifts, cars, books.
  • Foreign film dubbing, language tapes
  • On-hold messages, teleprompts, help-lines
  • Website audio, interactive games

...Jon Strickland could well be the voice-over on any of them.

A rich, unaccented voice. A good ear for accents & dialects. A quick eye for sight- & speed-reading. And a personality that's directable & good-humoured.

That's the raw material.

The finished product is a voice that's first choice when the vocal brief calls for corporate... blue-chip... sophisticated... prestigious... natural…warm... real... authoritative... intimate... informative... genuine... discerning... dry…cool... stylish... professional... dramatic... laid-back... dark-brown... documentary-style... etc..

(And - hopefully - last choice if you're after a meaningless shouty gabble.)

Thanks to modern audio technology, it's extraordinarily easy for you to link live to Jon Strickland's ISDN voice-booth, in the heart of the Cotswolds, UK - with multi-compatible CDQ Prima 120, Neumann U87 mic, etc. - from virtually any other studio in the world. And record your project in real-time.

Phone or email to find out just how easy...

in a parallel world...

As an actor, Jon Strickland has worked extensively on TV, radio & film, and at most major British theatres.

He's guested on popular shows such as Messiah 2, Casualty, Poirot, Dalziel & Pascoe, London's Burning, The Bill & Coronation Street; premiered the West End hit The Woman In Black; is an ex-member of the BBC Radio Drama Company, and has appeared in literally hundreds of programmes across the entire network, including the World Service.

(Agent: Sally Long Innes at I.C.M. London. +44 (0)207 636 6565)

Jon Strickland - Uk Voiceover Artist
Jon Strickland
+44 (0)1242 518900
or Suzy Wootton Voices
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Jon Strickland - Uk Voiceover Artist
Jon Strickland - Uk Voiceover Artist